Speeches in Parliament

Question: Debate on the Economy

Today Jerome asked the Rt Hon Jacob Rees MP, Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons, whether a debate could be scheduled to consider the economy post-Covid-19. 

Environmental Audit Committee

The Environmental Audit Committee met this morning, to hear evidence from the Rt Hon George Eustace, Secretary of State for Defra.

Question: Social Distancing

Jerome today asked an Urgent Question of Edward Argar MP (Minister of State, Department of Health & Social Care) as to whether the social distance could be reduced from two metres, and about the conditions under which this could happen.

Question on Post Office Horizon Scandal

Today, Jerome asked Paul Scully MP (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy) whether the culpability of senior management figures in the Post Office will be part of the forthcoming independent review.

Question: Black Lives Matter Protests

On 8th June, Jerome asked the Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department, about listening to the peaceful voices of the BAME community and supporting the police. 

Question about British Airways

On Wednesday 3rd June, Jerome asked Kelly Tolhurst MP (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Transport) about British Airways' use of coronavirus business relief funding. 

Question on Foreign Policy in relation to China

On Tuesday 2nd June, Jerome asked the Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) about the government's foreign policy in relation to China.