July Newsletter

Our discussions about offshore wind energy continue and I’m pleased to report that, as a result of the arguments advanced by Norfolk MPs, Minister Kwasi Kwarteng MP has ordered Ofgem and the National Grid to research and report on connection solutions that will work for us here in Norfolk, with the report due around October. This is a great first step, but only a first step. There is much still to do and I will keep working on this.

I have been delighted to welcome Broadland District Council’s “Shop with Confidence” and NNDC’s “You are Welcome!” campaigns. It’s still not easy but I have been so impressed by the way our businesses have found ways to re-open and get going once again. We are so lucky to have safe shops to visit and we can all do our bit by shopping locally again. Broadland is open for business once more. It’s by supporting one another, staying safe, and finding new and innovative ways to do things we perhaps once took for granted that we can really begin to rebuild.

It’s encouraging too that many of our places of worship have re-opened. As I said in Parliament on 19th May, local churches play a vital part in community support, both emotional and practical. Whilst I have enjoyed our Zoom services over the last few months, I am personally looking forward to the physical community, the smell, the feel and sense of place of my local church.

Following the package of financial support provided by the Government during the Covid crisis, our thoughts are now turning to what happens next. I’m working with other Norfolk MPs to draw the attention of our smaller businesses to the opportunities presented by ‘public procurement’. Government contracts are worth £240bn a year but many smaller businesses don’t bid because the process to be time-consuming and complex. The government is simplifying the tender process and wants 33% of public sector contracts to be awarded to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by 2022. If you are interested in this I have created a “How To” guide on my website: jeromemayhew.org.uk.

As ever, if I can help you with these or any other issues, please contact me at jerome.mayhew.mp@parliament.uk.

Jerome Mayhew